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a simple 3 to 5 image looping gif animation of a character



Life. Life has been up.

So, early last Tuesday (talking 12am and on, here), we got called by my brother's fiance. She was scared, because he was acting really out of character. Noah (my bro.) is a fairly laid back guy, and only gets loud when he's really excited (for instance, when talking plants and politics). He was laughing, crying, shouting gibberish. We piled into the car and started the hour and a half drive to his house, me on the phone with his fiance (Alyssa) the whole way. It was terrifying.

We didn't call the hospital, or the cops, because we feared he may have taken LSD or something else illegal. The cops here in Omaha..... they tend to be stick-up-the-butts and arrest you for jaywalking, so hell no we werent gonna risk it.

Well, when we got there, mom started talking with Noah, sitting on the couch with her arm around him, and he finally started to calm down. We got him into some shorts (yeah, he was walking around necked) and got him to bed. Alyssa went to work, and me, ma, and mary (my kid sister) spent a fitful few hours on the couch. At about 9am, mom checked on Noah, and he was doing fine, was lucid, and so we left so mom could get to work on time.

We thought it was over. It was not.

He called mom on wednesday morning, shouting gibberish, and texting mom, me and Alyssa text after text after text of utter madness. I have more than 100 texts on my phone from this......It was horrifying. We couldnt get hold of Alyssa, and with how insane my brother was acting, w didnt know if she was even alive. So, we called the police in his town, and explained the situation. We dropped my sister off at some friends, and drove out, finally getting hold of Alyssa on the way; she was safe, and was heading over to check on him while we headed up. She managed to get noah to go willingly to the hospital with her (the cops had been waiting an hour, trying to coax him out, but couldnt force him to without a warrent). We met them at the hospital bro was even worse than he had been the day before. I went and waited in the waiting room; I couldn't see my brother reduced to the stupidly gibbering mess he had become, shouting out profanities and things he would never do.

Here is a selection of the texts he sent me: 
"The joke was the letter p. The most important? In Alex's life. She is our first daughter. It was Heisenberg..............!"
"An ass in no uncertain terms. End rant."
"Tjat's my statement, and the answer was degrees of freedom. The point was for Pivarunus. His name is Providence. GOD!"
"I just need to figure out how to say a shorter word than a. Till then it's p. It Starr's with an e which is like love which is my favorite word. Word. ItWas a period!"
"Eureka! His name starts with an M. That's why it is Providence. Double entendre guess I have my ending."
"Sweat Drop Smiley: Heart eyes Happy Kissy Face Emoji I'm the Cheshire cat! Tumbling down the rabbit hole. If that isn't a joke I don't know what is. His name: is:....!e!"

Imagine that was your older sibling, whom you have loved and looked up to your entire life. I was really freaked. 

He was sedated. They ran drug tests and God knows what other tests, and gave him a cat-scan. Hours later, he was moved to UNMC over in Omaha. My dropped me off at the house, and spent the night with him at the hospital.

So, thursday afternoon: Noah got discharged and mom took him home. Turns out, he was acting insane from being over tired. It was delirium brought on from a lack of sleep. He has insomnia, and hadn't slept in over 72 hours, and was jacked up on caffeine. So, he rested up and is all better now but........that was still the scariest shit I have gone through in a long time, if not ever. 

So, I'm sorry if I've been a bit out of it. I'm still shaken up from that whole episode, even a week later. 
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So then.... I like to draw and write, I think dragons and dwarves are awesome, and I'm attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha, where I major in Theatre with a design/tech focus.

I'm open for commissions, and will accept paypal, points, and sometimes art-trades, in payment. Just send me a note, and I'll let you know if I can handle what you'd like, as well as a price-quote. Available for commission: sketches, lineart, greyscale, colored, paintings, character design-sheets, creature/outfit adoptables, and polymer-clay creations, like dragon figurines, pens, and DnD miniatures.

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